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The Unsurpassed Alphas, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M-Series.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

All the performance and just the amenities you need.

Crossover & Ski Series

Waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day

2021 Malibu Boats M240 Overhead, Top View 2021 Malibu Boats M240 Overhead, Top View

M240: Unsurpassed, Unyielding, Unrivaled

The Alpha. The Unsurpassed. The Unyielding. The Unrivaled. The M240.


The M240 has solidly planted its flag at the top of the Malibu line. A luxury wake boat like no other, every detail of the M240 has upscale, M-Series style and functionality. The standard features read like a wish list for the perfect towboat: The premium slide-out cooler, powered Gx Tower, Multi View Bench Seat, wireless chargers—we could go on and on. With new exclusive features such as ultra-fast-filling Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast™ that fills in under three minutes and Surf Gate® Fusion which is integrated into the exclusive new M-Line Hull for the largest and cleanest surf swells in the wake boat industry, the M240 brings you something the water has never seen before. If you are looking for unsurpassed luxury, unyielding performance, and unrivaled innovation, the M240 is for you.

The 2021 M240

Go ahead, check out the options.

Shovel-Nose Bow

A deep shovel-nose bow allows for ample bow space with beautiful details throughout.

M-Line Hull

The unique M-Line Hull produces the worlds most exquisite wakes and waves with ease. Working in conjunction with the MLS6 fast-fill ballast, Surf Gate Fusion and the Power Wedge III to create the best behind the boat experience on the water today.

Gx Tower

Standard for the M240, the top-notch Malibu Gx tower introduces an industry standard for innovation and quality. Turn the dial to raise or lower the tower in 9 seconds, half the time it takes for the competition. New for 2021 are available Gx Tower Misters to keep your crew cool.

M-Line Command Center with mOS

Unique styling to the M240, the M-Line Command center features automotive styling and ergonomics for the most user-friendly experience possible. Control the boat with ease through mOS, a power helm seat, wireless charging stations and M-Line windshield with air vents.

Surf Gate Fusion

Found only on the M240, Surf Gate Fusion is built into the hull to conjure up endless sets of perfectly formed, glassy swells for you and your family to play on. No tweaking, no weight shifting, no guess work - just hours of surfing fun.

CNC Stitching

Luxurious details are found throughout the M240 even in the most subtle areas. Customize your boat a step further by choosing from our unique color palate for the quilted CNC stitched areas.

Malibu Multi View Bench Seat™

Customize your interior with a wake view pop up seat and the Multi-View Bench complete with a built-in table for the perfect day on the water.

Natalie Seat

Another unique feature to the M240, the Natalie Seat combines the wind block door with a seat back for the center of the bow all built from the highest quality billet aluminum.

Wet Sounds Premium Audio

The M240 features the most advanced, best sounding stereo system on the water today. 7,000-watt digitally tuned Wet Sounds stereo system spans the boat with dash pods, ported 12 inch sub woofers, 4 tower speakers and automotive styled speaker covers.

Soft Grip Flooring

Made from the highest quality materials for the absolute best on-water performance, Malibu produces our own Soft Grip flooring for ultimate durability and comfort on the water.

Malibu Monsoon LT4 Powered by GM Marine

The M240 is a performance wake beast with a supercharged, 6.2-liter LT4 engine with over 600 horsepower and torques just waiting to be unleashed.

Flip Down Swim Step

Our patented Flip Down Swim Step makes both lounging on the back of the boat and reentry easy and enjoyable.

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The M240 is nothing like you've ever experienced before. Welcome to the lake's most innovative boat.

The 2021 M240

Industry-Leading Innovations

Surf Gate Fusion, Gx Tower Misters, Stern Turn and more!

M240 Surf Gate Fusion

Designed exclusively for the M240, Surf Gate Fusion is integrated directly into the Wake-Plus Hull for a sleeker and stealthier design while creating the industry’s best surf wave, which is customizable while you ride with Malibu’s exclusive Surf Band.

All-New Gx Tower Misters

Option to the next level with all-new Gx Tower Misters to cool off your crew during those long summer days.

M240 Command Center with Malibu OS™

Welcome the most intuitive touch screen interface ever offered in tow sports. The mOS (Malibu Operating System) was specially designed to put the information the driver needs in the optimal location with easy to read graphics. Featuring a 30% higher resolution screen with larger color depth, the screen has never looked better.

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M240 Sliding Cooler Storage

This M240 exclusive features a premium Yeti cooler on a sliding platform that is accessed without displacing crew members for maximum convenience.

Extended Awning

Now everyone has it made in the shade. When you opt for Malibu's new Extended Awning, you get an even more relaxing, luxurious day on the water. This easy to set-up awning attaches to the bimini to allow even more shade for your entire crew, keeping everyone cool.

Flip Down Swim Step™

Entering and returning to the boat has never been easier for a human or canine swimmer. The available swim step makes enjoying time in the water a breeze by locking into place either stored on the swim platform or deployed in the water. Custom Malibu Soft grip coats both the step and platform for comfort and safety.

Malibu Stern Turn®

Keep your hand on the throttle and with ease maneuver into a tight slip or around for quick rider pick-up. The stern turn thruster’s electric motor is water cooled for longer continuous use while also not compromising storage space because the thruster fully integrates into the rear platform and doesn’t require additional batteries.

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Luxury is the Standard

Malibu Gx Tower

Built by Malibu, the Malibu Gx tower introduces an industry standard for innovation and quality. Turn the dial to raise or lower the tower in 9 seconds, half the time it takes for the competition.

Optional Hoop and Base Colors

Malibu gives you options, with 30 possible color combinations, match the Gx tower to your boat perfectly.

P.T.M. Malibu Branded Clamping Spinner Board Racks

These aerospace-grade anodized-aluminum swivel racks are corrosion-resistant and ratchet down with the slightest tug on a single lever, now securing any size board.

10" Wet Sounds Speakers

Wet Sounds Rev 10's are digitally tuned with different audio zones. Nothing but the best from Malibu and Wet Sounds.

Tower Misters

Available for 2021 are the new Gx Tower Misters that will keep your crew cool all day on the water.

50% faster than the competition

Turn the switch to raise and lower the tower in 9 seconds.

Malibu Surround Sound

Exclusive for Malibu, Wet Sounds presents the ultra-premium stereo package for the M240.

Wet Sounds Speakers

Malibu presents the exclusive Wet Sounds Ultra-Premium M240 Stereo Package featuring REV10 10” HLCD Tower Speakers.

Improved Surround Sound

The M240 has 12 optimally located 6.5” interior speakers featuring Santoprene spiders with titanium tweeters to give everyone a change to start the dance party.

Top-of-the-Line Sound System

Featuring exclusive subwoofers, the M240 has over 7000 Watts with second subwoofer for the ultimate on-water experience.


The Malibu M240 Design Reveal

A true design like never before. Malibu presents you with one of the industry's most innovative boat, the M240. Watch this video for a look at all the design process engineered and crafted in this boat.

The M240 Lifestyle

The M240 is nothing like you've ever experienced before. Welcome to the lake's most innovative boat.

M240 Features

The all-new M240 is 24-feet of incredible luxury, tech, innovation, and performance in a package that is undeniably stylish with impeccable wake and wave performance.

Jake Owen's Sneak Preview of the Malibu M240

Country music artist, longtime Malibu owner and ambassador Jake Owen got a sneak preview of the all-new #M240 to see what all the buzz was about.

Malibu Operating System, mOS

The All-New Malibu mOS Command Center, ultimate control on the water for the worlds best wakeboard and wakesurf boats.

Available Innovation - Stern Turn®

Keep your hand on the throttle and with ease maneuver into a tight slip or around for quick rider pick-up.


Oversized bow in the M240
M240 center seat and wind block, Natalie's Seat
Spacious interior of the M240
Large interior of the M240
M240 Command Center
Multi View Bench Seat
M240 Dock
Relaxing on the M240
M240 Body Lines
Smooth riding in the M240
The most luxurious towboat in the world
M240 Cooler
Wakeboarding behind the M240
Wakesurfing behind the M240
M-Line Hull on the M240
Wakeboarding behind the M240
Wakesurfing behind the M240
M240 Command Center

Customer Reviews

5 Stars out of 2 Reviews

NEIL B. 03/25/2020

Miles ahead of any other boat in my shallow intracoastal waterways in and around MIAMI.

Serious wakesurf family. About 300 hrs/yr. Tried many boats but the M240 is THE BOAT the get the best wave around Miami. Nothing compares. At low ti... Read More >de, finding more than 7 feet of water is often impossible. The M240 is the only boat that has a surfable wave in those conditions. And at 10 feet + , although other boats are surfable, nothing comes close to the height and length of this wave. Aside from the wave, the tech is great. The O/S is reliable and makes managing the surf system easy.

NICK G. 03/01/2020

********* The all new INCREDIBLE M240**********

Our family just received the New M240 from Tommys Florida. This is our 4th Malibu product (my 13 year old owns the new 2020 A20) . Holy cow. The boat ... Read More >exceeds our expectations. The stance, finishes, power, quality, on and on are A plus. Wake and wave is super easy to dial in from my 5 year old to all my kids and there friends. The staff at Tommys Florida is beyond the best in the biz and I am extremely close with a couple guys there. We look fwd to many GREAtlT days at the lake.

*Reviews from the National Marine Manufacturer Association’s consumer satisfaction survey.

Super Charged Is Standard

Malibu Monsoon Engines Powered By Gm® Marine

All-New Malibu Monsoon LT4™

After years in development, Malibu is the only towboat manufacturer that designs, builds and backs our engines. See more on the only supercharged towboat engine with a 4 Star Emissions.

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Malibu Built Trailers


Malibu decided that customers buying the best boats on the market should be able to haul them with the best trailers. So we began making our own. We hired the best team of craftspeople in the business to custom-build trailers that matched our boats in engineering and quality.

Depth Alarm

As you back the trailer down the ramp on the way to load your boat, use the depth alarm to let you know when the trailer hitch is at the optimal point under water to load the boat. No need to yell to the person in the boat or play a guessing game. Load seamlessly every single time.

Electric over hydraulic brake

Option up your braking system to let you have full, adjustable controls of where you engage brakes on your car and trailer.

Hand Break

When the trailer is unhitched, there are 2 easy-to-engage hand brakes inside of the frame that ensure your trailer isn’t going to go anywhere when it’s not supposed to.

premium grade steel

Premium grade steel for all trailer frame parts.


All Malibu trailers get reverse lights as a standard feature.


Bunk carpet is custom cut and applied to bunks with our premium tuck and fold process for superior lasting quality.


Choose from numerous options, including two-tone paint, high-end Rockstar wheels, stainless steel fenders, runway lighting and more.


14” standard or 18” upgradable with color matching to your boat. Malibu's own XD Series option are Light- weight, strong, and race-tested.

rear straps

Retractable ratcheting straps on the rear for safe long distance towing.

Custom Colors

Customize your fenders and trailer body colors. Optional EliteShield is new for a weather resistant protection against abrasion, corrosion and impacts.

Malibu Soft grip flooring

Malibu Soft Grip flooring with laser engraved logos. Durable and shock absorbent, Soft Grip offers an exceptional traction surface. Plated stainless steel diamond plate is an optional upgrade.

triple axle

The largest trailer available, our triple axle trailers are available for the 23 LSV, 23 MXZ, 24 MXZ, 25 LSV and the M235. Triple axle trailers offer a smoother ride and less bounce.

Custom colors

Customize your fenders and trailer body colors. Optional EliteShield is new for a weather resistant protection against abrasion, corrosion and impacts.

Rear transom steps

Transom steps offer easy access to the rear of your boat. Covered in Malibu Soft Grip flooring or optional steel diamond plate.

custom backlit logos

The backlit Malibu logos on each side offer that extra added detail you expect from Malibu.


18" wheels are standard with color matching available to your boat. Malibu's own XD Series option are Light- weight, strong, and race-tested.
Rest Assured, You're Covered

Malibu's Warranty

Malibu’s warranty is Full Factory Covered for all 5 years

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