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Malibu Boats™ exclusive new Malibu Monsoon M5Di™ and Malibu Monsoon M6Di™ are the next generation of power for the most widely used boats in the towed watersports segment. That’s right, the most popular towboats now have the most technologically advanced engine, and a big part of that technology goes toward lowering emissions and keeping your family safe. With our new line of direct injection engines, Malibu not only met but voluntarily exceeded the highest rating the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has to offer, which exceeds the EPA standard. With this five-star rating, Malibu leads the industry for the lowest-emissions engines in the towboat market. On top of that, Malibu extended this to not only California, but anywhere a Malibu is sold, making your day on the water cleaner for your passengers and the planet no matter where you boat.

A five-star rating may sound similar to the more familiar four-star rating, but it’s very different. Malibu’s direct injection engines are certified five-star “Ultra Clean,” which is at least 50 percent lower emissions than the more common four-star “Super Ultra Low” emissions rating you see on many other towboats. Malibu not only met the five star rating, but exceeded it with 20-percent lower emissions than the next competitor all while running the engines on 87 octane with up to 10% ethanol added. That’s right, the lowest emission rating was achieved on regular fuel.

Malibu Monsoon Engine: Built to be Green

Lowest Emissions in Towboating

Malibu Boats went green by creating the new Malibu Monsoon M5Di and Malibu Monsoon M6Di engines to have the lowest emissions in the towboat industry.


Malibu achieved this industry leading feat by bringing its engine manufacturing in house. With the purchase of a 70,000 square foot building right next door to its boat plant in Tennessee, Malibu set out to create the most state-of-the-art engine manufacturing plant in the industry. The facility is outfitted with everything from smart tools that achieve perfect torque specs to a dyno for load testing. Malibu set out with a lot of audacious goals for the M5Di and M6Di, not the least of which was producing the lowest-emitting engines in their class, and every effort since then has been toward seeing these goals become reality through technology and innovation.

Just like Malibu’s other industry leading advancements such as The Wedge and Surf Gate™, the technology is the key behind our new Ultra-Clean engines. It all starts with direct injection, which bypasses the air intake manifold and injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber, making for a cleaner, more controlled and more complete burn. Widely used in the automotive world, direct injection simply produces a cleaner burn, better performance and improved fuel economy over conventional injection. On top of that, not mixing with air gives the fuel a more controlled burn, which allows Malibu to calibrate its engines to the lowest emissions levels ever seen in the towboat world.

Another key technology factor is the size of the catalyst. A five-star rating is only possible with a catalytic converter, and Malibu devoted hundreds of R&D hours to finding the perfect size and materials to convert harmful pollutant gases into less harmful or benign gases. This second stage of emissions prevention is the key to cleaner air for the planet and your whole crew. That’s right, this isn’t just about the bigger mission of saving the planet, it’s also about making sure your day on the water is as comfortable and safe as possible. A lake day might mean ten hours in the boat for some families, and much of that can be spent behind the boat skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and surfing. Surfers in particular spend hours hanging out just off the transom, and your new Malibu Monsoon M6Di and M5Di ensure the safest experience possible. Malibu is leading this charge for your family, and raising the bar for the entire industry once again.

The new M5Di and M6Di direct injection engines are only available in a Malibu or Axis. To schedule your day on the water, contact your local dealer today.

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Malibu Monsoon Engines

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