Performance in towed watersports is all about getting out of the hole, and the new Malibu Monsoon M5Di™ and Malibu Monsoon M6Di™ were designed to do just that. When you have a watersports boat, you’re living around 3,500 RPM most of the time, so we designed our new engines’ torque curve to hit right there. This means the motor isn’t working nearly as hard to get a fully loaded hull to surf, wakeboard and ski speeds, which saves gas. At the same speed, most Malibu’s run lower RPM than the majority of inboards on the water today, which is a significant power savings. The added benefit is this beefy low-end torque allows us to run more pitch on our props so your new Monsoon engine not only gets you out of the hole with ease, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything on the top speed. Most engines can’t live in both these worlds.

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Malibu was able to accomplish this feat by bringing our engine production in house. Our state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility is the heart of our engine building. It’s here that we perform research and development on dynos, followed by on-water testing in the river out front—all to ensure you’re getting peak performance from your new engine. Over 5,000 hours and counting.

Through this R&D, we calculated custom gear ratios for each and every model. These gear ratios act as torque multipliers to increase the engine’s power through the drive train and into the prop. We extend this mechanical advantage throughout the entire line, with each model tested individually to get an ideal torque curve throughout, because the TXi is very different than the 24 MXZ. But despite over a ton of weight difference, both models want the same thing: performance. And that’s exactly what the new M5Di and M6Di engines deliver.

The same goes for props. Malibu tested each model from sea level to 8,300 feet to find optimal prop pitches for the whole line, ensuring you never bog down even if you’re at capacity on a mountain lake. The performance is the same.

Whether you’re going for another buoy or generating thigh-high swells, Malibu’s new M5Di and M6Di have the power to get you there with more efficiency than ever before.

The new M5Di and M6Di direct injection engines are only available in a Malibu or Axis. Contact your local dealer to experience the next generation of power today.

To find out more about the benefits of Malibu’s new line of Monsoon direct injection engines, check out our other articles on emissions, reliability, and noise reduction.

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