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Let's Malibu

Welcome to life with Malibu. Current owners and newcomers alike are sure to love the next-level style, performance, luxury, and technology of Malibu’s 2024 model line-up. Continuing to deliver on our promise to build the world’s best-selling wakeboats, the Malibu 2024 line-up features new colors, innovations, and creature comforts to deliver an on-the-water experience like no other.

The best is yet to come, and you don’t want to be left behind.
So, no more ordinary, no more humdrum. Let's get on the water. Let's Malibu!

There’s really only one place you should be!

Let's Malibu

Model Year 2024 Boats Are Coming Soon...

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Let's Get on the Water. Let's Malibu.

There's only one place you should be. Find your Truth On The Water™.