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The series that creates the backbone of the Malibu Boats lineup, the LSV line offers sleek traditional bow styling with luxurious upholstery, a rock-solid wake and wave as well as next-level Malibu 2022 technology to pull it all together. The traditional bow shape cuts through the waves for a smooth, enjoyable ride and has a sleek on-water profile. The LSV series is anchored by the legendary 23 LSV, the best-selling towboat of all time, and fills out the series with the compact 22 and the large and luxurious 25.

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The 26 LSV


Sitting at 26 and a half feet long, the 26 LSV is home to all the luxurious amenities you and your 17-person crew need for endless summer lake days. And, with over 6,000 pounds of ballast and the extra customization that comes with Surf Gate® and Power Wedge III®, the 26 LSV leaves plenty of room to play with a big pocket and perfect wave on both sides.

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The 25 LSV


Cut through big-lake chop, double-ups, and rolling surf waves with the sleek traditional bow even while fully loaded with an 18-person crew and topped-off ballast. Stretch out and grab some sun in the luxurious wraparound lounge or convert the space into a dining room with the Multi-View Wake Bench™. In a boat this roomy with all these amenities, the only thing you'll be leaving behind is the dock.

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The 23 LSV


The legendary 23 LSV is the best-selling towboat of all time because it undeniably delivers on everything a family needs for a memory-making day on the water in a size class that perfectly balances performance, space and agility—all in a sleek traditional bow form that effortlessly cuts through chop in big water.

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The 22 LSV


The most compact of the LSV family, the 22 LSV shares all the same wake-making potential, comfort amenities and user-centric tech as its bigger brothers, but at just under 22 feet it’s more approachable for smaller families and first-time buyers.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 Stars out of 6 Reviews

Christopher K.


25 LSV – Power

Awesome boat. Supercharged motor is powerful. Unlike any other.

Jamie B.


25 LSV – New To Malibu

We love our Malibu Boat. This is our first wake boat and we will never go back to anything else.

Zach G.


23 LSV – Absolute Best

Best boats on the water and we no doubt have the best wave.

Todd S.


23 LSV

Awesome! Great wake and excellent surf wave. Best boat there is.

Robert R.


22 LSV – Best In Lake Surf

No other boat produces a surf like the Malibu.

Stephen G.


22 LSV – Great Wake

The new 22 LSV puts out a great wake for surf and an awesome wake for wakeboarding.

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